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Transport rollers and lifters - the heavy duty professionals

Furniture, apparatus, tool units and heavy objects can be lifted and moved with the combination of lifter and transport trolley very easily, even if the furniture is lying close to the floor. They are the ideal helpers for removals and renovations, as well as for lifting or moving furniture and heavy objects.

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catalog page: 199
made of steel, powder-coated, with 4 plastic castors, hard
pay load
pay load (kg)
150 Lifter

Transport roller

catalog page: 199
made of plastic, with 8 plastic castors, hard, locating face turnable, 4 pcs. in set
Plate size (mm) wheel Ø
wheel Ø (mm)
Headroom (mm)
pay load
pay load (kg)
103 x 78 26 31 150/set Transportroller

How transport rollers and lifters work

The stable lifter or furniture lifter is made of powder-coated steel; it briefly raises the furniture to be moved by means of its lever action so that a transport roller can be placed underneath it. Then the lift is lowered again. If the transport rollers are fixed at all four corners, even heavy units can be moved. The gliding rollers have a low installation height, so even high furniture or objects do not bump against the lintel or ceiling. The transport aid is perfect for moving, renovating or cleaning. Heavy parts no longer have to be carried, the back is protected. Furniture can be moved without being taken apart.

Robust design: transport rollers and lifters

The lifter is made of powder-coated steel, with four plastic rollers (hard) it is pushed under the furniture to be moved and lifts the furniture above it. The steel lever is fitted with a black plastic handle.

The transport rollers are made of robust plastic with eight rollers in a hard running surface each, on which the weight of the piece of furniture is distributed. The support surface with non-slip pad can be rotated, making it easier to manoeuvre. One set consists of four transport rollers.

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