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Packing blankets: safety during every transport

Packing blankets, moving blankets, furniture blankets or all-purpose blankets offer the ideal protection for every transport and for every move, especially for professional moving companies. Especially for fragile goods such as mirrors or paintings, furniture with its sensitive surfaces or even instruments such as pianos, the protective blankets are ideal in a wide variety of variations. The high-quality and practical protective covers are made of particularly robust material and are therefore very hard-wearing and multifunctional. They are equally suitable for removals or storage, transport by car and storage in the cellar or attic. Our protective blankets are also an excellent intermediate padding, they offer the greatest possible protection for a smooth and safe transport.

More information about Packing blankets 

Packing blanket

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Available alternative:
Overprint, max. 18 letters for small extra charge.

size (mm) weight
weight (gr/sm)
1500 x 2000 330 BERLIN
2500 x 1500 220 KIEL.SO

Robust packing blankets in practical use

Packing blankets in various sizes can be used permanently and for recurring applications and, with their recyclability, are a sustainable alternative to other forms of packaging. Depending on the requirements of the protective function, we offer the blankets not only in different sizes, but also in different basis weights. The packaging blankets can be used in a variety of ways to protect against damage and scratches. Thus, you can not only act much more flexibly, but also protect the environment by using the various blankets as USPs. It is important here that we also focus on a good environmental balance for our ceilings and can therefore provide you with this advantage in equal measure. In addition, you save the need to maintain individual packaging solutions for each individual product, which is also reflected in lower storage costs. The ceilings can be stored simply and space-saving and reused if required.

Our blankets can also be used for bulky objects in an excellent and uncomplicated way, as they adapt to any shape of the object to be protected. They can simply be tied up or secured with adhesive tape. This allows you to act extremely flexibly and also effectively avoid complicated packaging solutions. Depending on the material used to seal the packaging, you can also act in an environmentally conscious manner and thus score points with your customers due to the strong focus on environmental protection.

Is an individual marking of packing blankets, transport blankets and moving blankets possible?

If the packing blankets are to be used repeatedly and permanently, they can be individually marked. They are printed with your company name and can therefore be clearly assigned. This minimizes losses in the hustle and bustle of relocation or transport. The blankets are clearly identified and can be taken back with you, clearly identified. They can be printed with up to 18 letters to identify the origin of ceilings. Here we offer a very good quality at interesting prices. The print is clearly recognizable and extremely robustly manufactured, so that the inscription remains clearly visible even after repeated use. This is especially important if, for example, you want to rent or lend the blankets to your customers. In these cases, it is easier for customers both to assign and use the ceilings. As a practical side effect the advertising effect of the packing blanket can be regarded, since this presents if necessary the advertising message desired by you. Thus you profit several times from the use of individually printed blankets from your assortment.

High-quality packing blankets for the necessary load-bearing capacity

Packing blankets are durable and naturally hemmed on all four sides. They consist of a robust material mixture, according to VO 1007/2011 the packing blankets are a product of indeterminate composition. However, with our packing and transport blankets we attach the greatest importance to good and continuous load-bearing capacity and, above all, to protecting the load to be packed. For this reason, the blankets are made of non-abrasive materials so that the surfaces packed with them are not damaged or scratched. This is the only way you can use the blankets as flexibly as you wish and benefit from the advantages of the blankets all along the line.

What are the dimensions and load limits of the packing blankets?

Packing blankets are available in 220 g/qm and 330 g/qm basis weights depending on requirements. This allows you to select the ideal blanket for the product in question according to your requirements. If you are not sure which weight per unit area is suitable for your application, simply contact us. Our employees can advise you on the selection of the right and suitable ceilings and thus ensure fast and effective processing. In addition to the weight per unit area, the size of the ceilings also plays an important role. The standard dimensions of packing ceilings are 1.000 x 2.000 mm, 1.500 x 2.000 mm and 2.500 x 1.500 mm. However, we can also offer other sizes in our range on request. We would also like to ask you to get in touch with us. After all, we can work together with you to find the right solutions for your requirements and provide them safely.

Special designs for our customers

In many production areas we offer you the possibility of individual and special production for our customers. So if you are looking for individual transport rollers or wheels, our developers and experts are the right contact. We will also be happy to advise you on the ceilings and transport solutions from our range and thus offer individually adapted solutions for every area of application. Thanks to our own research and development centre, we can usually meet our customers' requirements quickly and without problems. All products developed by us are then subjected to comprehensive product tests in our company in order to completely meet the high requirements of our customers. This enables us to guarantee our customers the consistently high quality of BS Rollers and to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction with our services.