Incorrect use

Wheels / castors are not being correctly used when:

  • they are subject to loads exceeding the maximum load capacity given in the manufacturers' technical specifications;
  • they're used on an unsuitable terrain;
  • surrounding temperatures are too high or too low;
  • equipment with blocked wheels or rollers is moved;
  • fixed castors are moved at right angles to the rolling direction;
  • partricularly agressive materials are allowed access;
  • subject to inappropriate lateral or vertical knocks or blows;
  • foreign bodies get into/onto the running surface;
  • subject to high speeds;
  • alterations, not agreed on with the manufacturers, are carried out;
  • a soft running surface on soft terrain or a hard running surface on hard terrain is used.



Capacity overload

Overload through collision or falling

Overload through uneven flooring

Overload through excessive speed

Overload through lateral force / collision

Overload through movement while stopped

Overload through chemical media

Overload through thermal effects

Danger symbol

Default Symbol