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Materials handling technology: Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors – conveyor technology

Medium-duty roller conveyors are the right choice for the manual transport of piece goods with a medium piece weight. They are the ideal complement to areas in which light roller conveyors are too weak and heavy-duty roller conveyors are oversized.

Roller conveyors offer an efficient solution for the in-house transport of piece goods that require a roller conveyor load capacity of up to 150 kg/m. Roller conveyors enable targeted storage and effortless transport. In this way, they accelerate and regulate the production process.

More information about roller conveyors

Here you will find the results for roller conveyors in different designs:

Medium-heavy roller conveyors

catalog page: 192
Lane width (mm) Axle separation (mm) Lane length 1 m Lane length 2 m Lane length 3 m Curves 90° Curves 45°
300 380 78 MR.001 MR.033 MR.065 MR.K001 MR.K033
300 380 104 MR.002 MR.034 MR.066 MR.K002 MR.K034
300 380 130 MR.003 MR.035 MR.067 MR.K003 MR.K035
300 380 156 MR.004 MR.036 MR.068
400 480 78 MR.005 MR.037 MR.069 MR.K005 MR.K037
400 480 104 MR.006 MR.038 MR.070 MR.K006 MR.K038
400 480 130 MR.007 MR.039 MR.071 MR.K007 MR.K039
400 480 156 MR.008 MR.040 MR.072
500 580 78 MR.009 MR.041 MR.073 MR.K009 MR.K041
500 580 104 MR.010 MR.042 MR.074 MR.K010 MR.K042
500 580 130 MR.011 MR.043 MR.075 MR.K011 MR.K043
500 580 156 MR.012 MR.044 MR.076
600 680 78 MR.013 MR.045 MR.077 MR.K013 MR.K045
600 680 104 MR.014 MR.046 MR.078 MR.K014 MR.K046
600 680 130 MR.015 MR.047 MR.079 MR.K015 MR.K047
600 680 156 MR.016 MR.048 MR.080
700 780 78 MR.017 MR.049 MR.081 MR.K017 MR.K049
700 780 104 MR.018 MR.050 MR.082 MR.K018 MR.K050
700 780 130 MR.019 MR.051 MR.083 MR.K019 MR.K051
700 780 156 MR.020 MR.052 MR.084
800 880 78 MR.021 MR.053 MR.085 MR.K021 MR.K053
800 880 104 MR.022 MR.054 MR.086 MR.K022 MR.K054
800 880 130 MR.023 MR.055 MR.087 MR.K023 MR.K055
800 880 156 MR.024 MR.056 MR.088
900 980 78 MR.025 MR.057 MR.089 MR.K025 MR.K057
900 980 104 MR.026 MR.058 MR.090 MR.K026 MR.K058
900 980 130 MR.027 MR.059 MR.091 MR.K027 MR.K059
900 980 156 MR.028 MR.060 MR.092
1000 1080 78 MR.029 MR.061 MR.093 MR.K029 MR.K061
1000 1080 104 MR.030 MR.062 MR.094 MR.K030 MR.K062
1000 1080 130 MR.031 MR.063 MR.095 MR.K031 MR.K063
1000 1080 156 MR.032 MR.064 MR.096

40/80/40x3 mm U-form galvanised steel with screwed cross bars.

Support rollers:
Galvanised steel piping Ø 50 x 1.5 mm, sprung axles with ball bearings Ø 10 mm


  • Interior radius 1000 mm
  • Support rollers continuous according to track width, or multi-split.
  • Width 300 mm continuous
  • Width 400 - 800 mm - 2 elements
  • Width 900 - 1000 mm - 3 elements

Please Note:
Supports and accessories please see on page 193.

  • Medium-heavy roller conveyors are the ideal addition to areas where light conveyors would be too weak and heavy duty conveyors oversized.
  • The conveyors´ support strength is, according to its type (division, width, support intervals) up to 150 Kg/m
  • The roller conveyor must always be wider than the selected goods.
  • The smallest goods must rest on at least 3 roller axles at one time. (axle distance x 3 = minimum length)
  • A number of tracks may be combined to form longer lengths (special lengths possible).
  • The supports intervals should not be more than 2 m. If a number of elements are combined supports must be positioned beneath the connecting parts.
  • The conveyors are combined by means of the supports.
  • For operation in dry interior areas.

You can plan the conveyors according to your requirements. Medium heavy roller conveyors can be delivered according to your individual local specifications.

Smooth running with a slight gradient of the roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are ideally used with a gradient of two to five percent. This is enough to make the best possible use of the gravity-controlled run. Roller conveyors transport goods without generating any energy costs. However, the speed of the continuous material flow can be individually controlled.

Flexibility all along the conveyor

Roller conveyors are flexible when used in dry indoor areas. They are not only flexible in terms of gradient and thus in the speed of transport, they can also be set up quickly. For this reason they are often used for loading. Since light roller conveyors do not require a motor, they are almost maintenance-free. Individual rollers and parts can easily be replaced.

Steel rollers

The conveyor rollers are made of galvanized steel tube and, since they rotate on a ball-bearing spring axle, have a long service life.

Requirements for the conveyed goods and conveyor routes

Important requirements for conveyed goods such as cardboard boxes or containers are that they have a flat, hard, stable, clean and dry base and that they are at least 200 mm wide. The smallest item to be conveyed should rest on at least three roller axles.

The load-bearing capacity of the roller conveyors depends on the width of the conveyor, the distance between the rollers and the distance between the supports. The conveyor lines can be planned individually according to the requirements. We can provide roller conveyors that are adapted to your spatial conditions.

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