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Materials handling technology: Multi-directional transfer tables

Omnidirectional roller table

The omnidirectional roller table is used wherever the conveyed material needs to change direction. The omnidirectional roller conveyor can form part of a conveyor line. With omnidirectional rollers, packages can be turned manually or moved freely in all directions, for example in order to be fed to different workplaces.

More information about the omnidirectional roller table

Here you will find the results for omnidirectional roller tables in different versions:

Multi-directional mini-roller conveyor

catalog page: 184
Lane width (mm) Axle separation (mm) Lane length 0,5 m Lane length 1,0 m Lane length 1,5 m Lane length 2,0 m
300 340 50 AR.001 AR.021 AR.041 AR.061
300 340 100 AR.003 AR.023 AR.043 AR.063
300 340 125 AR.004 AR.024 AR.044 AR.064
300 340 75 * AR.002 AR.022 AR.042 AR.062
400 440 50 AR.005 AR.025 AR.045 AR.065
400 440 100 AR.007 AR.027 AR.047 AR.067
400 440 125 AR.008 AR.028 AR.048 AR.068
400 440 75 * AR.006 AR.026 AR.046 AR.066
500 540 50 AR.009 AR.029 AR.049 AR.069
500 540 100 AR.011 AR.031 AR.051 AR.071
500 540 125 AR.012 AR.032 AR.052 AR.072
500 540 75 * AR.010 AR.030 AR.050 AR.070
600 640 100 AR.015 AR.035 AR.055 AR.075
600 640 125 AR.016 AR.036 AR.056 AR.076
600 640 62,5 AR.013 AR.033 AR.053 AR.073
600 640 75 * AR.014 AR.034 AR.054 AR.074
800 840 50 AR.017 AR.037 AR.057 AR.077
800 840 100 AR.019 AR.039 AR.059 AR.079
800 840 125 AR.020 AR.040 AR.060 AR.080
800 840 75 * AR.018 AR.038 AR.058 AR.078

Galvanised steel 20/70/20 x 2 mm U-form with screwed cross bars.

Plastic Multi-directional rollers, Ø 48 mm with bush bearings and laterally offset positioned mini barrel rollers for lateral movement

Mini-roller alignment:

  • Width 300 mm - 3 rollers per axle, offset
  • Width 400 mm - 4 rollers per axle, offset
  • Width 500 mm - 5 rollers per axle, offset
  • Width 600 mm - 6 rollers per axle, offset
  • Width 800 mm - 8 rollers per axle, offset

Please Note:
* Remark: If axle distance is 75 mm we deliver: instead of 1000 mm - 975 mm; instead of 2000 mm - 1950 mm. Supports and accessories please see on page 191.

  • Multi-directional mini-roller conveyors are for direction changes in a conveyor section, or for turning and general moving of packages, eg. at workplaces.
  • Transported goods need to have flat, hard, stable, clean and dry bases. The goods must be at least 200 mm wide.
  • The smallest item must rest on at least 3 mini-rollers. (axle distance x 3 = minimum length)
  • Multi-directional mini-roller conveyors are normally operated in combination with light roller and mini-roller conveyors. The construction and load capacity is compatible with these conveyor types.

Multi-directional mini-roller conveyors can also be supplied in alternative lengths.

Easy turning and rerouting on the omnidirectional roller table

With the well-designed roller arrangement and construction, the conveyed goods can be turned or diverted extremely easily in any direction. The omnidirectional roller conveyor is thus used to form the junction of every conveyor line. Wherever quick, uncomplicated changes of direction of individual packages are required, the omnidirectional roller table is the solution. Important requirements for conveyed goods such as cardboard boxes or containers are that they have a flat, hard, stable, clean and dry base and that they are at least 200 mm wide. The smallest material to be conveyed should rest on at least three roller axles.

A combination of barrel rollers creates the turn

The functional elements of the omnidirectional roller table are its sliding-bearing plastic rollers in combination with laterally offset barrel rollers. These are dimensioned for the transverse movement.

Comfortable working conditions at the omnidirectional roller table

Omnidirectional wheel conveyors are comfortable to work with. They are used to turn, inspect and process goods or to assign them to other workplaces without the goods having to be lifted. Omnidirectional roller tables thus support health in the workplace.

The omnidirectional roller table can be used as an independent work table. Alternatively, it can be built into a non-powered light roller or roller conveyor.

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