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Support rollers for every application of BS rollers

Conveyor rollers support every transport process in the warehouse, in production and in dispatch. They transport on roller conveyors a wide variety of goods, containers, workpiece carriers, crates, cartons, but also lattice boxes and pallets. This is why these rollers have become indispensable in today's many different industries and production facilities. It is precisely for this reason that it must be taken into account that the rollers are exposed to continuous loads due to their almost permanent use. Defects in the rollers can quickly lead to unplanned failures. For this reason, the quality of the idlers plays a very special role. Depending on the material to be conveyed, carrier rollers made of plastic tube, bare steel tube, galvanized steel tube, aluminium tube or stainless steel tube are used. Plastic is gentle on the material and smooth-running, steel tube offers a higher load capacity and is the material of choice, e.g. for sharp-edged conveyed goods. This allows load capacities per roller between 2 - 240 kg. Conveyor rollers rotate either self-dynamically or, for example, with single or double chain sprockets.

Load capacity calculation

Length of the material to be conveyed (or support length) : 3 = max. pitch.

>It must always carry at least 3 rollers. The load carrying capacity of the single roller must not be exceeded. This applies in particular to tasks in which a dynamic load is applied in addition to the weight of the conveyed material.

Roller range immediately ex stock with 24-hour emergency service

We know how important conveyor rollers are for most logistics areas. If premature wear occurs, the worst-case scenario is a stop of the entire logistics chain with the corresponding economic losses. For this reason, we offer you a 24-hour delivery service for the most common conveyor rollers from our range. In our 3.000 square metre large warehouse, we keep the corresponding stocks permanently in stock. This enables us to offer you fast response times and maximum reliability when it comes to replacement requirements - or the construction of your own conveyor elements.

Variants: Blue plastic cylinder and blank steel tube
To our immediate delivery program of conveyor rollers

Axle variants for conveyor rollers

  • External thread
  • Set off axis with external thread
  • Female thread
  • Smooth end of axis
  • Key surface
  • Spring axis

Advantages with BS Rollen

  • Express delivery program in 24 hours
  • >Over 3.000 sqm Stock
  • Expert team, personal contacts
  • >European-wide sales
  • Own field service
  • Over 12.000 products

You can also profit from the BS complete range of conveyor technology, e.g. material feed stands, flow racks, single support rollers according to customer dimensions up to complete conveyor systems.

Highest load capacity of the idlers for more operational safety

The load capacity and load-bearing capacity are the decisive components for the various castors: The maximum performance of your conveyor elements can only be achieved if the idler roller and conveyor weight are precisely matched. For this reason, we offer our customers a very wide selection of different load capacities. This allows you to optimally adapt the desired conveying elements to the goods to be conveyed, thus optimizing the energy consumption and service life of the conveying elements.


Comprehensive selection of conveyor roller materials for every area of application

The selection of the suitable conveyors is always made on the basis of the type and dimensions of the material to be conveyed, its weight, its condition and, of course, also on the basis of the operating environment. We at BS Rollen offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of different rollers made of different materials. Each material variant offers different advantages for the rolls and has different application focuses. If you have any questions about the different materials and the individual areas of application, we will be happy to advise you. In this way, we can also easily fulfil solutions according to individual wishes and requirements.


Large selection of the most varied conveyor rollers with us

We constantly try to adapt our portfolio and our offers to the requirements of the market and the requirements of our customers. For this reason, we have developed over the years a wide range of different conveyor rollers made of many different materials and in different sizes, which we can manufacture to the highest industrial standards for our customers. In addition, we can offer the rollers in a wide range of axle variants. This means that our rollers can be used in a wide variety of applications and production areas without any problems, and can perform the tasks assigned to them efficiently and without any problems. Take advantage of this opportunity and find the right solutions for your company in our product catalogue. Based on our extensive experience in industry, we offer a wide range of solutions for all areas of application and can therefore react quickly to your requirements and wishes.

Individual production according to your specifications

We cannot always offer solutions directly from the catalogue for the specific requirements of our customers. Using our development and production facilities, we can, of course, offer you a made-to-measure production of the desired castors. Our teams of experts works together with you to develop the desired requirement profiles and ensure fast and efficient solutions. All castors developed by us are subjected to comprehensive tests so that you can rely on the quality of BS castors at all times. We are at your side with our expertise and experience. Your personal contact person will keep you informed about the progress and the entire development process at all times. In this way, we ensure transparent processes and comprehensive customer service.

How to calculate the load carrying capacity of the individual conveyor rollers

When ordering conveyor rollers, the so-called load capacity calculation plays an important role. After all, the conveyor rollers should be able to withstand the desired load without any problems and the conveyor elements should be able to be operated smoothly and effectively. The internationally recognised formula we use for this is: Length of the material to be conveyed (or support length) : 3 = maximum pitch, i.e. centre distance of the idlers. Freely translated, this formula means that at least three rollers must always divide the load among themselves. The load carrying capacity of the individual rollers must not be exceeded. Only in this way can the conveyor rollers easily meet the desired requirements. This load capacity calculation is particularly important for applications in which dynamic loads are applied to the rollers in addition to the weight of the material being conveyed. If in doubt, simply talk to our experts. They can advise you comprehensively on the load capacity calculation and offer you appropriate assistance. In this way you can not only optimise your existing systems in the ideal case, but also find the exact and suitable idlers for your logistical applications at BS Rollen. Such a service is a matter of course for our customers through our own field service in Germany and Europe-wide sales through our foreign representatives.

We are happy to advise you comprehensively and individually

Due to the size of our product range and the many different possible applications of the conveyor rollers, we naturally offer all our customers individual advice from our experts on request. Contact us by e-mail, contact form or telephone and we will be happy to take care of you. You will receive comprehensive and professional advice regarding our conveyor roller portfolio and will therefore be able to find the right conveyor rollers for your company and conveyor elements quickly and without great or complicated effort. Thanks to our fast and reliable shipping service, you can quickly hold the required individual parts and castors in the various axle variants in your hands and also benefit from the excellent delivery conditions. We would be pleased to personally convince you of our services and the efficiency of our load-bearing and conveyor rollers.