A straight route from the Bergisch region to the rest of the world. Special Loyalty to the Specialist Trade – that is not merely a rhetoric as far as the BS Rollen CEO Bernd Schmahl is concerned, it is an elementary part of his daily work. He takes the needs and requests of the trade seriously, they are his motivation to develop products and markets.

1991: the company started as a regional commercial agency with three employees, 300 sq m of storage space and two small offices in Remscheid, Bergisch area.

The company already had to expand in 1994, when it relocated to its own premises.

This was followed by the development of the Germany-wide sales of rollers, wheels, conveying technology and transport equipment.

The headquarters expanded again in 2008, resulting in the company having 3,000 sq. m storage space and 600 sq. m office space.  48 employees are employed by the Remscheid site.

In 1997, Bernd Schmahl dared to take a step in the direction of China – and was not disappointed. "We look upon China as being our extended workbench. We do not import, but have products manufactured according to our wishes and exact ideas and stipulations“, explained the CEO. New ideas and innovations still originate in Remscheid however.