Certification of BS Rollen

This is how we work

We work for and with quality. Not only because of you. Also for our self-image: We do not want you to fall out of your role because of us.

We'll hold on. With you.

That is why quality is our highest priority. By this we mean creativity and thoroughness in planning, conscientious craftsmanship and computer-accurate manufacturing during production, and measurable class in the end product. We will let you prove that. Here knowledge is more than belief. Quality management at BS Rollen is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. We have test stands that enable us to carry out technically relevant product testing in accordance with DIN EN 12527 to DIN EN 12533, and partial testing in accordance with DIN EN 1004.

And because everything is in order, we believe in ourselves. It doesn't roll otherwise. That's the way it was up to now and that's the way it will stay. That's a promise. Our tradition obliges us. And our high quality moves. Not only your business. And not just physically. It also moves us. Personally. It is always an incentive for us. For you. And for us. Every single castor plays a major role for us.

Spot on in quality - that is a role forward for us. And this is how we get your business rolling. With our quality.