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Truck locks for machines

Truck locks are the ideal choice to ensure good stability for equipment and production facilities: They reliably fix machines and equipment that are moved on castors.

Truck locks for smooth production

In production, good functionality of the devices and coordinated processes are important. An important factor that has a positive influence on precision production is the safe standing of the machines and systems on which the parts and components are transported and processed. This applies to all internal processes in industry and in the assembly area, i.e. the entire intralogistics. For this purpose, truck locks are a sensible and useful way of optimising systems, from transport equipment and trolleys to machines of various types and mobile operating equipment. In combination and in addition with castors, the adjustable truck locks enable ideal alignment of the production and transport system at any time, as they ensure optimum variability and efficient level compensation. Uneven floor conditions in particular can impair stability and prevent the fixing of equipment. By using the truck locks of BS Rollen, you compensate for this and always ensure a firm stand. With our truck locks we offer you indispensable tools for fixing variable machines well and above all quickly.

More information about machine feet

Machine foot

catalog page: 145
Plate size (mm) Allows fitting of castors with Ø (mm) Fitting height (mm) Adjustable height (mm) screwhole distance Text only
screwhole distance Text only (mm)
Screwhole bore (mm) art.num.
135x110 100 141 +/- 2 117-146 105x75/80 10 T220.100
135x110 125 163 +/- 2 137-168 105x75/80 10 T220.125
135x110 150 190 +/- 2 155-195 105x75/80 10 T220.150
135x110 200 240 +/- 2 205-245 105x75/80 10 T220.200

Machine foot

catalog page: 145
  • One-Step Sperren und Entsperren der Arretierung
  • Separate Pedale zum Sperren und Entsperren
  • Federstoßdämpfer

Plate size (mm) screwhole distance Text only
screwhole distance Text only (mm)
Screwhole bore (mm) art.num.
120x120 100/85x100/85 11 T240.100
120x120 100/85x100/85 11 T240.150

Truck locks from BS Rollen - strong and reliable in production

Our truck locks are used in all working areas where it is important to ensure perfect stability at all times, but at the same time to be able to move and adjust equipment or machines regularly. They are a complementary measure to the castors used, which are essential for mobile equipment. Lock the unit in place using the truck locks after you have moved it to the desired location. The advantage of these tools is that they are easy to use, as the mobile unit does not need to be lifted for attachment - as is the case with a jack. Our truck locks are available in different sizes, so that you can find the right element to support the standing position for devices of different sizes.

Truck locks - easy and effortless handling

The installation of the truck locks is carried out without much effort and time. A combination of castors and truck locks has proven to be ideal in many fields of application. Here, the truck locks form an optimising element to the castors on which the load of the machine rests - the feet are only used to lock and fix the machine.

Discover the wide range of combinations of castors and truck locks that we offer for this purpose. These include swivel or fixed castors, for example, which you can connect to two or four feet, making them the perfect transport and positioning option for mobile equipment. This makes it possible to move production plants or machines without the use of transport equipment and to lock them again afterwards. This saves space and gives you much more flexibility when adjusting the machines. For devices that are moved less frequently - but for which a solution without additional transport aids is also desired - you can obtain different types of BS Rollen at Lifting castors. 

Your advantages with the truck locks at a glance

Thanks to the use of truck locks, the handling of mobile devices and transport machines is made much easier. This starts with the levelling, which most conventional truck locks have to do on the ground - a process that requires regular bending and standing up again. Handling the truck locks is easier, as they can be locked and levelled easily when standing. This is easy on your back and knees. The feet are used in combination with castors that carry the weight of the mobile machine or transport device.

One Step: easy handling of the truck locks

For the fixing in the standing position, the locking, the truck locks are decisive. If necessary, they can be quickly released and fixed again with just one foot movement. If frequent movements of the unit are necessary, for example on worktables or carriages of assembly lines, it is advisable to work with only truck locks. In this way, changing from the standing to the rolling position from one side is just as quick and easy. This saves you time and makes your processes much more efficient. The One-Step lock allows you to lock and unlock by stepping on the pedal. Once the machine is in the desired position, press the pedal again and the lock is engaged in no time at all.

BS Rollen - Your reliable partner around the conveyor technology

We have a wide range of products which we adapt exactly to the high requirements of industry and conveyor technology. Our extensive catalogue provides optimum solutions for a wide range of applications. All common products are in our warehouse, so you will receive your delivery within 24 hours. Individual advice for our customers by our expert staff is just as much a part of our standard as the consistently high quality you will find in our entire product range. Thanks to our many years of experience, we always know the right answer to all your questions and take care to offer the right castors and wheels for every application. We have the quality of our work checked regularly and are certified according to several DIN-EN standards.

Our levelling feet: robust basis in all areas

All versions of the lockable levelling feet are made of galvanised sheet steel and are therefore extremely strong, resistant and durable. They also contain an integrated spring shock absorber. This serves as a basis for the levelling process when standing. Depending on the model, the feet have a suspension which is between 20 and 40 mm when the pedal is pressed. As a result, they provide significantly greater stability than braked castors, which are fitted with hard bandages. The protection of the ground is also guaranteed at all times. The spring shock absorbers are equipped with rubber feet so that the floor cannot be scratched or even damaged. Simply mount the feet using a screw-on plate - and the machine base is attached to the machine.

Would you like to know more about our castors and truck locks?

We are happy to be at your disposal with our extensive know-how. Our catalogue gives you an insight into our portfolio, which comprises a total of more than 12,000 articles. In addition, you will find product guides and useful information about our offers.

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