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Castors: Construction fence castors

Building fence castors for uncomplicated demarcation on building sites

Our construction fence castors are used to create variable construction fence elements or panels. By retrofitting them, they transform these static elements into building gates or entrances for building sites. This way, you decide according to your requirements whether a construction site is to be open and accessible or whether access is to be restricted. The advantage of the castors for the construction fence: They make the time-consuming lifting or moving of fence feet made of plastic or even heavy concrete superfluous and ensure in an uncomplicated way that the construction site can be walked or driven on. Every site fence can be retrofitted with the plastic castors without any problems. The installation is carried out either with the help of a stable foot or with a pipe clip. Discover our selection of site fence castors!

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Construction fence castor

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load capacity  175 - 175 kg

Wheel body


Roller bearing

  • Metal base for construction fences with castor L420.B10.125
  • Installation with 4 screws M8x65 and 4 nuts M8
  • Suitable for all common construction fences

Plate size (mm) wheel Ø
wheel Ø (mm)
wheel width
wheel width (mm)
load capacity
load capacity (kg)
Overall height
Overall height (mm)
screwhole distance
screwhole distance (mm)
screwhole diameter
screwhole diameter (mm)
offset (mm) Swivel castor with total brake art.num.
150x80 125 35 175 155 84x64/76x56 9 34 L420.B10.FUSS

Construction fence castor

catalog page:
  • Plastic wheel A90.209 (200x40 mm) with fastening device for construction fences
  • Plain bearing
  • For pipe diameter 40-45 mm


Construction fence clamp

catalog page:
  • Klemme zur Verbindung von Bauzaunelementen
  • Aus verzinktem Stahl, inkl. Schraube und Mutter
  • Klemmbereich 38-46 mm für alle gängigen Bauzäune
  • Materialstärke 2,5 mm


Variants of construction fence castors with a resistant metal base

The construction fence castors with the robust metal base are compatible with all common construction fences. They guide the fence element reliably and safely through the right metal angle. The castor is locked in the desired position by the brake, the fence element is fixed. The diameter of the plastic wheel is 125 mm, you can easily fix the construction fence connector to all common construction fences using four screws and the appropriate number of nuts. In this way you create additional stability and benefit from a reliable aid when erecting fences on building sites.

Building fence castors with a fastening clip

Some fences at construction sites need to be opened less frequently. To equip these fences, our castors for construction fences are suitable, which are equipped with a clamp fastening. The fastening device, also known as "carrying wheel" can be retrofitted in a particularly uncomplicated and quick way. With the building fence connector, the attachment is made at the free end of the tubular frame. With this variant, the mounting is adjustable, making it suitable for construction fences with a pipe diameter of about 40 to 45 mm. The plastic wheel itself has a diameter of 200 mm. Use our plastic wheels for your construction fence, which offer a high degree of durability and can easily withstand all weather conditions.

Connect individual elements of the fence with the construction fence clamps

You can achieve a stable connection of individual fence components with the construction fence clamps. This is done safely and quickly with our products made of galvanized stainless steel. They are suitable for all common construction fences with a diameter of 38 to 46 mm. In this way you ensure additional stability and resistance of the construction fence. In addition, our range also includes castors for building fences for all weather conditions. The wheel bodies and running surface of the casters for the construction fence are made of high-quality plastic. This allows them to be used at temperatures between - 30 and + 80 °C. All the metal components are galvanized and chromated. Our reliable castors for construction fences are also extremely efficient. The products with slide or roller bearings have a load capacity of up to 175 kg per roller - so even heavier elements are no problem for the reliable castors.

Building fence castors and more can be found in our extensive product range

Stabilise your site fence with the plastic castors from our portfolio. Our high-quality and high-performance products are the ideal support for erecting fences on construction sites. In addition to the construction fence castors or construction fence clamps, we offer you numerous other articles that have proven themselves in materials handling, transport or logistics. Our many years of experience have enabled us to constantly improve the quality of our products and adapt them to the requirements of our customers. Our goods include drive wheels for conveyor belts or sorting systems, pressure ball bearings or castors made of different materials for various fields of use.

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information or get an overview of our products and services with the help of our general catalogue, which contains a lot of useful information on more than 12,000 articles and a product guide.

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Of course we also develop individual castors and wheels for our customers according to the required specifications. Please contact us for your special production requirements!